Virtual Offices: A Cost Effective Solution To Starting A Business In The 90210

Starting a business in 2017 is an extensive undertaking. There is paperwork to be filed, applications, and fees that must be promptly submitted, setting up an online presence, hiring employees, and of course, finding a place for your business to operate. Choosing a prestigious location like Beverly Hills can give your office a head start. Of course, you’ll also be paying quite a bit for a good office with a great location.

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While the classic idea of business includes a full-time office in the best business location possible, modern technology has allowed us the convenience of working from home. If your business does not require a physical store front, you may not need a full-time office at all. Here is how a virtual office can save you money:

What’s In an Address?: Whether you don’t want a full time office or can’t afford to start out in Beverly Hills, you can still claim the 90210 with a virtual mailing address. The virtual address works a bit like a forwarding address- you can display the address on your cards and even have mail sent to the location. You also have the option of signing up for the “310” phone number and call answering service for your business.

Conference When You Want:  Should you need to meet a client or sit down with your team, you always have the option of renting executive conference rooms. The conference rooms are located in Beverly Hills and are stocked will all of the amenities needed for a successful and comfortable business meeting.

With virtual offices, you get all the benefits of doing business in a prestigious location without the high costs. If you are starting a new business and looking to cut costs and office time, a virtual office with Global Business Centers is definitely something to consider.

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