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How to Manage Your Small Business Successfully

Whether you’re the entrepreneur of your own small business, or the hired manager of an existing one, keeping a small business afloat and running it successfully is easier said than done. Hard work and diligence are among the many necessary ingredients for success, and many business owners get overwhelmed by the amount of hours that […]

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Choosing Essential Computer Equipment for an SME

Pretty much every business now relies on computers to get any work done.  For start-ups and most SMEs, aside from office space, sourcing computers and all the essential equipment related to them is likely to be the biggest initial expense.  Therefore it is important that the best value is gained when purchasing such items. Going […]

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5 Best Money-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Keeping costs down as much as possible is an important part of running a successful business.  Keeping costs down where possible allows for increases in profits and better financial allocation for key resources, expansion and so on.  However, saving money can also be tricky when you take all the overheads and external factors into consideration, […]

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Giving Back: Entrepreneurialism and Philanthropy

For many people, the words “entrepreneur” and “philanthropy” do not belong in the same sentence.  According to conventional wisdom, entrepreneurs are focused on building their own companies and even franchises.  An entrepreneurial spirit is usually understood as a savvy ability to generate your own profits through creativity and innovation; entrepreneurs are not necessarily known for […]

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