How to Reduce your Insurance Premium by Increasing Home Security

We’re always looking for ways to save money, and insurance premiums is one area worth looking at, especially if it can be done without increasing the risk we expose ourselves to.

We pay for insurance for two reasons: 1) we want to protect our property and belongings, and, 2) because we want the peace of mind of knowing they are protected. When it comes to insurance, prevention is better than cure.

But that doesn’t mean we should pay more than we need to. So, here we aim to show you how to maximise home security and reduce your premiums.

Take preventative action

There’s no escaping the fact that the most home burglaries are the result of opportunistic thieves taking advantage of a situation. So, a weak door frame or a window that doesn’t shut are things you need to fix, and the insurance company will expect secure doors and windows as standard.

In fact, if something does happen and you are burgled, then you might find the insurance company asking probing questions about the lengths you went to in securing your property before the break-in.

Therefore, going above and beyond what the insurance company expects can help to lower the premium. While there is no denying that insurance premiums are influenced by where we live, there are also numerous things we can do to help lower this expense. For example, more secure locks can often mean cheaper insurance.

Door locks

Door locks should be of a high quality and obviously, you should lock them when you leave your house. You should also lock your front door when you’re busy in other areas of your home – thefts are common when burglars simply walk in through unlocked doors, particularly in summer when people are out in their back gardens.

It’s also a good idea to fit a chain and a spy-hole, to add that extra layer of security, especially if you feel vulnerable for some reason at night.

Don’t leave keys or valuables near the door. Thieves can reach in through the cat-flap or letter boxes and fish them out with a hook.

Window locks

Many insurers demand all ground floor windows are fitted with locks. These must be in place and locked every night before bedtime and every time you leave the house.

If they are fitted with keys then the keys need to be used, and then securely put away somewhere out of reach of the window itself.

You can read chat to the experts at Minster Windows for more information on secure window locking systems.

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