Put Your Money Where Your Brain Is

Where’s the first place you think to place your money? Most people would say the bank is the most logical solution. A savings account will typically offer you enough safety with your money and you’ll get a small bit of interest as time goes by. It’s a good place to store all of your funds and you can easily access it and withdraw later on. A bank account is as safe as it gets, but most people will agree that if you want to put your money someplace that allows it to grow, you’ll have to take a risk.

Much like sowing seeds, you have to put grow your money using money itself. For instance, investments are a smart way of growing your savings. As a simple example, if you invested $500 into a business, that $500 is often put to good use and in the future, that investment could be worth $1000 or more. However, it could just as easily result in less money, resulting in you losing money.

%name Put Your Money Where Your Brain Is


This is where smart planning and statistics come into play. A savings account is a basic option because there is no risk, but like many things in life, there are also ways to increase your chances of making more money while keeping it at a relatively low-risk rate. To give you a couple of examples, here are some smarter places to put your money.

Invest in gold

With accessible websites such as usgoldbureau.com, it’s possible to have gold (yes, real gold) shipped to you. Gold has long been a prized possession across almost every nation and its appeal is easy to understand. It has been in use as a currency for a long time and it carries a fluctuating value that can rise and fall greatly. No matter how you treat the gold, it will always remain a valuable item in which to store your wealth. Instead of trusting your wealth to a bank or a safe at home, convert it into gold to have a tangible representation of your wealth. This is a fairly low-risk investment for what you’re getting, so if you want to get started with growing your money, gold is a great choice.

Forex Trading

Forex trading can be risky but it’s a fantastic introduction on how trading and investing works. You’ll need to have a lot of knowledge on national currencies and how or why they fluctuate. You can sign up for online forex trading courses if you want to learn more, but here are some basic tips to get you started. First of all, don’t assume it’s gambling because there is a lot more thought to forex trading. Secondly, specialise in one or two pairs of currency exchanges and try to avoid high-risk pairs that aren’t traded frequently. And lastly, take it nice and slow because forex trading isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Property investment

If you have a significant amount of wealth and you’d like to invest in something that keeps on giving, then property development is a high-end choice that demands a lot of attention and effort. In fact, many people turn property investment into a full-time job complete with high salaries and a fulfilling job. In most cases, you’ll buy property to refurbish and rent out, or alternatively, you might buy and sell homes without renting.

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