Need to Dispute a Medical Bill? 5 Tips to Battle Your Insurance Company

The only people who enjoy dealing with health insurance claims are, well no one.  It is usually an emotionally-charged, frustrating, and often confusing discussion to have with someone over the phone.  Health insurance companies have the goal of paying out as little as they can.  You, as the recipient of health insurance, pay good money […]

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The Importance of Renting Business Equipment before Purchase

Renting business assets before purchasing them for your company is highly advisable, especially for small and new start-up businesses.  Whatever industry you’re in there will be many different pieces of equipment essential for getting work done, from common tools such as computers to more specialised items involved in your line of work. Many companies are […]

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The Complete Guide to Secondary Market Trading

Trading is a huge, complex place.  There are multiple markets in which you can trade in, each one dealing with different things.  You can trade stock, foreign currency, or capital assets, depending on which market you choose. The most well-known market of trading is stock trading.  Within this market, there is primary and secondary market […]

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Three Tools that Every Forex Trader Should Have Access To

Anyone that claims forex trading is easy is misinformed.  It’s a complicated and complex endeavour, entirely unsuited to those who lack commitment, time, or a drive to succeed. Despite this, it’s still possible to do very well through trading the currency markets.  Forex is high risk and intellectually challenging, yet it also offers a myriad […]

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