Meeting Small Business Financing Needs, LaMar Van Dusen, Other Experts Weigh In

Financing the growth of a small business may be the biggest challenge that business owners face. There are numerous types of loans available from numerous sources. You can get a cash advance against credit card income. Or an equipment purchase loan or lease. Commercial mortgages are another option. And you can apply to get financing […]

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It Takes All Sorts: Knowing Your Money Personality Can Help You Enjoy Better Fortune

Selection boards for big organisations often use a personality assessment, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The results can also be very useful for the candidate—knowing what type of person you are will help you to decide what sort of activities will reward you. The same goes for how you manage your money: knowing what sort […]

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Cutting The Clutter: Digital Tools for Document Storage and Management

The paperless office is a dream that’s rapidly becoming reality, thanks in no small part to the wide variety of digital document management systems on the market today. These systems address the varied needs of all shapes and sizes of businesses — from giant bureaucracies to single entrepreneurs. They’ve grown to play an especially important […]

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