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Buying Your First House in London? Three Questions to Ask Your Estate Agent

Buying property in London is a minefield.  You have to take into account transport links, house prices, accommodation sizes, and more, whilst purchasing in an increasingly competitive market.  Take too long to think about it, and the property of your dreams will be gone.  Make a snap decision, and you could live to regret it. […]

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How to Source the Best Mortgage for Your Next Home or Business Premises

While Britain has enjoyed a sustained period of economic growth in recent times, there are concerns that the current generation of mortgage holders could face difficulties in the next few years.  More specifically, nearly one million home-owners have no discernible way of paying off their mortgages, primarily because they have opted for interest-only loans and […]

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Want to Badly Get Out of Debt?

Many Americans live under the specter of overwhelming debt.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank, consumer credit reporting agencies added bankruptcy notations to about 255,000 consumers’ records in the first quarter of 2015.  Currently, Americans are nearly $12 trillion in debt.  Credit card debt represents almost $900 billion of that, and student loans set American […]

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Can Anybody Become Financially Independent Today?

Let’s Cut to the Chase At the risk of generalising, one might be inclined to say that financial independence lies at the heart of everyone who works for a living.  Indeed, such a noble objective seems apropos given the many years of sacrifice that we make in our productive lives.  However, working in itself does […]

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