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The blog carnival is here again. Clap! Clap! We received a few submissions but I decided to publish only one which I found to be the best fit for you, my Money Soldiers readers.

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Money Soldiers Blog Carnival No. 2

This edition of the blog carnival is quite related to my previous article, Blogging for Money where I shared about my SEO efforts to grow Money Soldiers readership.  Zhu of correresmidestino.com submitted her article about how she monetized her blog and what method proved to be successful for her.  I learned that Zhu was able to make $100 monthly through Text Link Ads and so I signed up and thought I would share the information with you.

Links Marketplace

One good way of monetizing your blog is through selling links and Text Link Ads is a place where you can do that.  It is fair to say that Text Link Ads is a marketplace for links.  Advertisers purchase links that publishers sell and both benefit from the transaction.  One advantage of text link advertisements is the links are unobtrusive unlike banner or image links and thus, are less likely to annoy your website visitors.  Also, the link ads are paid on a flat, monthly rate which means that your income from these ads will not depend on the number of clicks or impressions these ads get.

Advertisers Buy Links

Advertisers look for websites where they can advertise.  Through Text Ad Links advertisers can easily find just the right kind of website that is perfect for them and purchase links that will go live in their selected website, promoting their products.  One cool thing that these purchased links can give the advertisers other than the promotion of their products is link juice.  Link juice is not something you can drink, by the way.  It is credibility that can be transferred through a link from the website where the link exists to the website where the link points.  When advertisers get a link from a high-ranking website, some of the high-ranking website’s page rank leaks to the advertisers’ website and helps the advertisers’ website rank higher.

Publishers Sell Links

When publishers’ links are purchased, the publishers’ are informed.  Publishers put codes or widgets in their websites and control how the text link ads will be displayed.  They have different options on the kinds of text link ads they want to display.  They can display text link ads on the sidebar, in-line text ads within their articles or they can even display an entire page of advertisement.

Be Careful What You Link To

Publishers, listen up.  Putting links in your website can be dangerous to your page rank health.  Google computes page rank not just by the quantity and quality of links from other websites pointing to your website but also by the quantity and quality of links from your website pointing to other websites.  You do not want the links in your website point to trashy websites and get Google mad at you and punish you with a lower page rank.  Scrutinize the websites you are linking to and if necessary make those links NoFollow to avoid negative impact on your page rank.

The time has come to start the blog carnival.  Boom!

Welcome to the November 20, 2012 edition of Money Soldiers Blog Carnival.

Zhu presents All About Blogging: Blog Monetizing, What Works Best? | Correr Es Mi Destino posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “I get way more traf­fic than I did in 2008: today, I have about 50,000 vis­its a month. I com­pletely gave up on some mon­e­tiz­ing meth­ods but I also found some new ones. And the host­ing fees are paid off.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Money Soldiers Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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