15 Business Ideas for Handymen and DIYers

If you’re thinking about starting up a handyman service, you’ve probably already realized that you can jump into a lot of various niches.  While it’s okay to be handy with everything, most handymen prefer to stick with one specialty to really stand out.  Specializing in one skill can also help potential customers find you because they know exactly what you’re able to do.

With hundreds of ideas out there, let’s explore some you may want to consider jumping into:


#1  Antique Furniture Restoration

A lot of people have antique furniture in their home that they often don’t want to get rid of when it starts to get old.  Instead of throwing it out or selling it for scraps, they turn to a handy person to help restore and bring it back to life.


#2  Apartment Prepping

Some apartments and landlords often hire outside services to prepare an apartment before they release it to a tenant.  This type of service would involve fixing minor issues, cleaning up the apartment and basically making it habitable for the incoming tenant.


#3  Converting Attics

Many homes across America have attics that are collecting dust.  Since many of them are in prominent locations within the home, some homeowners choose to convert their attics into a living space or comfortable storage space.


#4  Basement Remodeling

Like attics, many homes have basements that are unfinished or partially unfinished.  To expand their space, homeowners often choose to install a bathroom, bedrooms, storage rooms and more to maximize their space.

DIY Handyman Business Idea 15 Business Ideas for Handymen and DIYers

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#5  Boarding Up

If an area is prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, many businesses and homeowners will want to board up their windows and doors to prevent excessive damage from happening.  Aside from natural disasters, this service can help those who have recently experienced a broken window or door frame.


#6  Cabinets

Since every home has a kitchen, there’s a good chance there are cabinets.  Since these cabinets will eventually need to be replaced or repaired, this is a great opportunity to help install, craft new cabinets or even restore the cabinets that are already there.


#7  Chimney Repairs

Damaged chimneys are known to cause fires or even a carbon monoxide intrusion.  A chimney repair specialist will be able to repair, service or even replace an existing chimney.


#8  Closet Organizer

Most closets across America are rather bland and boring.  By creating more shelving, drawers and racks, it allows homeowners to store a lot more clothing in the same confined space.


#9  Customized Play Sets

Many play sets found in the backyard are the basics that can be found at any local hardware store.  Since some homes want to be different, they often turn to a local handyman who can create a unique play set that makes their children’s playground dreams come true.


#10  Demolition

If something needs to be torn down before a renovation or maybe it just needs to disappear, there are often jobs that are too big for the average homeowner to complete.


#11  Doghouses

Dogs who have to stay outside for the day will require a doghouse to sleep in.  Like the playgrounds mentioned above, some dog owners prefer to have a unique doghouse built that their dog can enjoy.


#12  Fireplace Installation

In most climates, a fireplace is a great way to curl up and get cozy for a few hours.  Since every home can accommodate a fireplace, this type of service is ideal who want to get into the fireplace industry.


#13  Garage Organizers

A garage is a lot like a closet; most of them are open with no shelving or places to store things.  Since this space can often look like a tornado struck, an organization service can install customized shelves, cabinets and hooks to make the garage look a lot cleaner.


#14  Customized Gazebos

Creating a gazebo for others is a great way for them to enjoy their time outside regardless of the weather.


#15  Window Installation

Over time, windows will go bad and will ultimately need to be replaced.  Being the most frequent home improvement, breaking into this industry could lead to a lot of success.  To break into this industry, refer to reputable companies like TampaExteriors.com to get ideas on how to get started.


In the world of being handy, the business ideas are endless.  Again, by choosing your own specialty, this is a great way to master a skill that others can benefit from.

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Marvin - March 31, 2014

I think you could start a great business doing this!

Ariel - April 5, 2014

Great ideas! If you are a lover of diy, you will get busy by doing one of these 15 jobs

Nick | Millionaires Giving Money - September 22, 2014

Excellent Ideas, I particularly like the idea of boarding up because there are plenty of windows that require attention in East London. Thanks for posting, this will definitely help entrepreneurs who are struggling to come up with an idea.

Logan Brown - August 12, 2016

I could do a lot of these jobs for people. I haven’t really thought of myself as a handyman before but I do know how to do a lot of these jobs and could really help people with their homes. Thanks a lot for this post!

arava - November 18, 2016

Koocam is the perfect site for those who wants to work from home by selling their knowledge.Any knowledge is required.


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