Dirty Jobs Can Sometimes Lead to Great Businesses

Throughout history, there are numerous examples of how individuals have become wealthy as a result of jobs that many others might overlook.  From oil exploration to dealing with vermin, it seems that there’s much to be said for getting your hands dirty.

But why is it that such businesses have tended to do well over the years?  Is it simply a coincidence that they are linked to elements of life that some would rather not think about?  I believe that there’s actually a very close link between the fact that people don’t like doing such jobs and the reality that they can be very lucrative.  Often in life, we’ll tend to find that we are prepared to pay that little bit extra to have someone else carry out a task that we don’t particularly enjoy.

In effect, the uncomfortable nature of a job may actually add to its value.  Although this makes a lot of sense, it also fails to explain why it should be the case that those who carry out such tasks are often poorly paid, as individuals.  The average cleaner, for example, is unlikely to be particularly rich.

Dirty Jobs Lead to a Great Business Dirty Jobs Can Sometimes Lead to Great Businesses

88x31 Dirty Jobs Can Sometimes Lead to Great Businesses
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How Can You Get Rich?

I’m interested in the implications of such a situation, from a clear business perspective.  We may conclude that there is earnings potential available here, but is it simply too limited to ensure that such industries offer real business opportunities?

As an entrepreneur, I believe that it’s always necessary to think big.  There may not, on the face of it, seem to be much money available in these areas.  For those without real foresight, this will undoubtedly lead to a decision to look elsewhere.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, however, then it may make sense to overcome the hurdles that others see as being insurmountable.

What I’m not suggesting here is that it will be necessary for you to get your hands dirty.  I don’t believe, for example, that you need to be a fantastic cleaner in order to operate a thriving cleaning business.  Instead, your focus should be on creating a streamlined, effective business.  In essence, you are at the top of the organisation, providing the structure that allows others to thrive.


Seeking Out the Money

As the business owner, you will naturally be looking for money-making opportunities.  You’ll also be seeking the chance to do things better than rivals.  This is another aspect of such businesses that can lead to them being overlooked by others: the fear of competition.

When considering your own business ideas, you may have fallen into that trap of assuming that it’s necessary to look for something that’s completely novel.  If you can escape from the possibility of having to face any competition at all, then it stands to reason that you should be in a strong position to succeed.

In an ideal world, this may make a lot of sense.  However, I believe that it’s also a thought process that suggests that competition is something that should be feared.  On the contrary, I believe that the presence of such competition should actually be seen in a positive light.

I appreciate that this is something that’s not always obvious, so let me explain a little further.  The existence of competition means that a market has already been established, ensuring that you won’t be taking a step into the unknown.  It also means that your business practices will need to be tight from the outset, in order to succeed.

Knowing that a market exists and being forced to take an efficient approach should guarantee the creation of a strong enterprise that will be successful for years to come.

My primary message to you would be to think carefully about businesses that may seem somewhat dirty, such as franchises you may find in TotalFranchise that are suited to those looking to create cleaning businesses.  You may be surprised to find that they can generate a real income for you.


Nick Tubb views cleaning franchises opportunities as allowing for real business growth in areas that may not always appear to be that obvious.

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Marvin - March 31, 2014

I recently watched an interview with Mike Rowe (The host of Dirty Jobs) and he made a compelling argument in regards to the lack of skilled blue collar workers there are in America. He stated that we have focused so much on the traditional “higher education” that there is now a huge shortage in these needed skills.

Nick | Millionaires Giving Money - September 17, 2014

Interesting post, I never knew cleaning could be so rewarding. I suppose a franchise opportunity in the cleaning business could be profitable because of the demand for blue collared workers which as Marvin says is lacking. Good guest post, has given me some ideas.


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