A Brief Paws on Additional Cash Flow

louis amal 365217 A Brief Paws on Additional Cash Flow

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Budgets. Whether we track one dutifully or simply let the ebb and flow happen to us, we all live on some version of a budget. And more often than not, we’re wishing there was a little more cash flow to work with. That brings us to an almost too-good-to-be-true resource to answer this little predicament: pet sitting on Rover.com.

You’ll sign up for the extra income — and stay for the sweet four-legged clients. From cats to dogs, home stays to drop-in dog walking, Rover provides an entire array of ways to provide darling dogs and cats the devoted care they deserve. Choose from hosting pets in your own home, house sitting, daycare, and dog walking.

Once you apply and get approved, you get to completely design your pet sitting experience. You determine the dates you’re available. You specify which breeds you’re comfortable watching. You choose your rates. In short, the Rover experience on the pet sitter’s side is one fantastic way to take full ownership and control of your finances.

Five reasons becoming a pet sitter on Rover.com is a great idea for your financial health:

  1. Staying power. People who apply to become Rover sitters (members of the Rover pack, as it were) do so because they genuinely enjoy animals and caring for them. Think about it: you’d be doing something you’re already good at, have proven experience in (via photos and testimonials, all publishable on your Rover profile), and truly enjoy, and you just happen to be making money at it. When you commit to something because you enjoy it at its core, you’re far more likely to continue factoring it into your life and schedule — and therefore continue seeing deposits into your bank account.
  2. It can give you another spending — or saving — category. Have you been lamenting your lack of a savings account? Need to set aside funds for a trip next year? Need to redecorate your home? You can use Rover jobs to funnel funds into a category you didn’t have the financial room for before.
  3. You can create a whole new business. Beyond a few hours a month or week watching four-legged clients, if you so choose, you can exercise the powers of the Rover platform to truly expand your sitter services and create a full-blown pet-sitting business.
  4. Room for growth. The more you watch Rover pets, the more your earning potential ramps up. You can earn up to $1000 or more per month, depending on how many clients you acquire. Encourage happy clients to leave you a review, and that ups your status in the Rover network, ensuring that you’ll have paid gigs for many more monthly budgets to come.
  5. High take-home pay. At the base level of being a Rover sitter, you take home 80% of your pay (the other 20% allows for sitter and client support services). Rover also offers a higher tier of membership which denotes 75% for take-home pay. This reduction in sitter income then becomes dedicated to professional photos for your profile, a dedicated Rover rep team looking out for your success, and a host of other exclusive benefits.

The Takeaway

This is a network you (and your bank account) want to be a part of. Rover is transparent about the application process, the percentage of take-home pay, and provides ample opportunity to thoroughly communicate with clients. Your clients will be overjoyed to find someone trustworthy and dedicated to their pets’ happiness and care. And the furry friends themselves? They’re quite easily the best part.


Written by Casey Dickson, Rover.com community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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