5 Things To Think About Before Employing Staff

If you’ve got to the stage in your business where you’re thinking of employing some permanent members of staff so that your company can grow, congratulations! However, there are things that you should think about before putting the job advert out there.

How many members of staff do you want to employ?

The wise idea would be to go for one member of staff at a time, but that might not suit the needs of the business. Delegate jobs out before you interview anyone to see how many staff you ideally need to have your business running smoothly, yet not breaking the bank because of wages.


How much will you be offering your staff per hour? Don’t forget to abide by the national minimum wage rules, otherwise you could get yourself into trouble. Although, if your employees will be doing work that requires some sort of special skill, it’s an idea to offer a very competitive wage otherwise nobody would apply for the job.

Have you thought about how you’re going to pay your staff? Will you set something up with your bank or opt for a very easy option like cloud payroll? With these kind of services you can keep on top of all wages and payments from the comfort of your sofa. This is because there are apps available that will make your life a lot easier.

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Even though you’re looking for staff to work and their vacation time isn’t something you want to think about right now, you will have to sort out how many paid days they’re entitled to each year. If you’re in the US, you don’t legally have to offer any paid leave for your employees, but 77% of businesses choose to so that the job position is more attractive for potential employees.


Adding perks to the job will also attract people to your job position, and keep them happy when they are employed. Things like a discount to the services you offer, or free meals to your staff on a particular day of the week. Whichever perks you decide to offer to your employees, make sure they are clearly laid out on the job advert and then reiterated in the interview. Also, make sure that once you have employed someone to add everything into their contract too.


Decide whether you would like your staff to already have the knowledge of the job (which may prove harder to find) or whether you would be offering training to them. This will also help you decide what rate of pay you’re going to be giving to your staff. Giving people without training the chance to learn something new with you will also attract more enthusiastic staff to the job position.

There we have it, five things to think about before employing any staff to your business. Make sure that you’re fair to your employees, and they will reciprocate your kindness. Good luck with your business expansion!

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