3 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Property in Chicago

Buying a property in Chicago doesn’t have to be a confusing process. The operative word here is “process.” There’s a certain course of action you follow starting with hiring a real estate agent, doing your walk-through, making an offer, hiring an inspector, and meeting the closing requirements. Of course, this is under the assumption that […]

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The Biggest Problems With HR And How You Can Fix Them

https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-agreement-beard-brainstorming-429247/ Whether you’re a small or medium business owner or your run a large corporation, you’re going to find that you encounter issues in your daily work on a regular basis. So, a lot of the time you will find yourself trying to either avoid problems or resolve them. One of the major areas that […]

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Meeting Small Business Financing Needs, LaMar Van Dusen, Other Experts Weigh In

Financing the growth of a small business may be the biggest challenge that business owners face. There are numerous types of loans available from numerous sources. You can get a cash advance against credit card income. Or an equipment purchase loan or lease. Commercial mortgages are another option. And you can apply to get financing […]

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